Hard cover with whimsical animal and environment art.

Our Beautiful Earth: Saving Our Planet Piece by Piece

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A timely and topical plea to save the planet, told visually with die-cut pages and charming illustrations.

A story for young and old alike that is told with almost no words, relying instead on delightful illustrations and die-cut pages that convey in a simple yet direct way how humanity treats the Earth, our only home.

This thoroughly engaging book changes dynamically with each turn of the page and invites readers to pore over the incredible, detailed illustrations of all the creatures of the planet peacefully cohabitating in balance—until humans take control.

The die-cut pages—each spread depicting a less unspoiled nature than the one before—show how humans have upset the world’s natural ecological balance. With simple but immediate clarity, the illustrators depict the past, present, and possible future of our home world.

Thanks to the colorful and dynamic graphics, readers are encouraged to reflect on this timely subject—what are we doing to our lovely blue and green world, and what are we getting in return?

Ages: 4 - 8 years

Hardcover: 28 pages

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