Clear product bottle with plastic pump.

Hudson Naturals Hand Sanitizer

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Hudson Naturals hand sanitizer comes in a clear 4 oz. glass bottle with a pump. We've kept it simple and only use 64% grain alcohol from Newburgh’s own Spirits Lab, moisturizing aloe liquid and scent it with a natural green tea/lemongrass essential oil. Note that you'll be able to actually see the aloe and scenting oil floating around in the bottle because this isn't your average, mass produced, big-box-store sanitizer. This is the good stuff.

Pure, simple ingredients and CDC compliant, Hudson Naturals sanitizer is an essential for people concerned about their welfare and the welfare of others. Just a few pumps into your palm and give a quick lather. Dries very quickly with a nice scent. Our compact bottle fits snuggly into a person's pocket or small shoulder bag.

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