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Mark Dion: Follies Editioned Box Set


Image of <i>Mark Dion: Follies</i> Editioned Box Set
  • Image of <i>Mark Dion: Follies</i> Editioned Box Set

To accompany the exhibition, Mark Dion: Follies, Storm King has produced an editioned box set in collaboration with the artist.

Each box takes its design from nineteenth-century cigar boxes that can be seen in the work, Memory Box (2016), on view as part of the exhibition. Within the box, a spiral bound field guide to the exhibition is accompanied by a hand-numbered edition label and a glass vial with a sample of natural materials taken from Storm King’s site; each sample is unique. Organized by their location on Storm King’s 500-acre site, each folly has a detailed entry within the field guide with texts by several authors, including curators at Storm King, art historians, as well as by the artist.

The book includes texts by John P. Stern, Nora R. Lawrence, Victoria Lichtendorf, Sarah Diver, Dana Sherwood, Mark Dion, Lauren Ross, and Dana Turkovic in addition to reprinted conversations between the artist and Denise Markonish, Piper Faust, and Sarina Basta with Armelle Pradalier. Another unique design feature is that each folly in the exhibition has been given a symbol that can be found both within the field guide and embossed on the exterior of the box; these correspond to signage on-site.