100% Certified Organic Maple Syrup

100% Certified Organic Maple Syrup

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Finding Home Farms (FHF) is a family-owned, lifestyle brand in the Hudson Valley that brings the farm’s best. They proudly source and produce all of our products in the USA, from pure maple syrup and pantry offerings to soy candles and home decor. Their hope is to create products, ideas, and inspiration that encourages you to gather with your friends and family.

"We are maple farmers at heart. As 4th generation maple farmers, we understand and appreciate what it takes to produce pure maple syrup. Our certified organic maple syrup produced in NY is not overly sweet, with almost a buttery and savory profile. Perfect for pancakes, waffles, sweetening tea, and other amazing recipes! From our trees to your table, shop online to enjoy our organic maple syrup."

100% organic, and free of any artificial additives or flavors. 

8 oz. glass bottle

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