Access Points Potion by GOODWITCH with RA Walden

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A potion created by GOODWITCH NYC with RA Walden, based on the artwork with the same title

30mL potion includes digital content download of sound pieces by The Honorable Elizabeth A. Baker and poems with illustrations from the artist, RA Walden edited by LA Warman.

Access Points Potion Contains: 

Purple Deadnettle Wildcrafted at Storm King Art Center

ritualized with essences of

Weeping Willow Rainstorm at Storm King's South Ponds

Meteorite Ahnighito "the Tent." American Museum of Natural history - a piece of Savisoah "the Great Iron" fallen to Earth 10,000 years ago, stolen from the Kalaallit of Greenland and sold to the museum in 1897

Burning Grass Annual prescribed burn in Storm King's Native Grass Program - adapted from the Cultural Burns of Indigenous land stewards

in organic glycerin, distilled water + 5-10% organic cane spirits


These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This potion is an edible poem. It does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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