Beeswax Ornament

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100% pure beeswax ornament perfect to hang anywhere around the home all year round!

Natural sweet honey fragrance. Nothing added! These look amazing hung from curtain rods and window latches. When a little sunshine lands on the ornament the sweet honey aroma will tickle your nose.

It arrives to you with a ribbon attached for hanging and a detailed info tag.

This ornament is made from rendered honeycomb beeswax. The color of the ornament depends on the beeswax and the nectar the bees collected when producing the honey.

Beeswax lasts forever. All pure beeswax will produce a "bloom" over time which can be wiped away with a soft cloth or even the warmth of a gentle finger will remove the white coating. I love to hang these in my window. The sun helps warm the bar and release a lovely honey aroma.

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