Soft cover square book with animals and Hudson Valley illustration.

Jackson and Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley

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by Renée Pearce (Author), Kaylin Ruffino (Illustrator)

Set in various towns in a beautiful region of New York, Jackson and Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley is the story of a curious Siamese cat and a mischievous Boxer puppy who wander too far from home one day. As Jackson and Auggie set out on an adventure, they learn all about the historic Hudson Valley. The duo eventually begins to miss their homes and return, excited about all the things they saw. Jackson and Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley features wonderful illustrations rendered in various artistic styles. Children will find intriguing information about the different artists, art movements and styles used, listed in the back of the book. Both the story and pictures will delight young readers and provide a fantastic impression of a wonderful geographical area.

About the Authors
Renée Pearce and Kaylin Ruffino are sisters who grew up in Monroe, New York. Renée currently resides in Highland Mills, NY, and Kaylin in Pine Bush, NY. Renée is a middle school teacher for gifted and talented
students and Kaylin teaches middle school art. Renée and Kaylin wrote <i>Jackson and Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley</i> to be used as a teaching tool in addition to entertainment. They are both inspired by their parents and families, and the beautiful region of the country where they live.

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