Nevelson X Wind Dina's Heart Bracelet

Nevelson X Wind Dina's Heart Bracelet

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NEVELSON X WIND, is a new limited-edition collection of wearable art inspired by master sculptors Louise Nevelson and Dina Wind.  Channeling the powerful artists, designers Maria Nevelson and John Wind infuse the spirt of both women into this unique range of hand-assembled collages, embellished with charms and chains from workshops and flea markets around the world. ⁠

Dina wasn’t a traditional ‘heart person,’ but a rusted valentine and the promise of L’amour would surely have captured her imagination.

Materials: Plated, rusted, and raw brass found objects. Dimensions: 7 - 8" bracelet, 1 - 1.5" charms. Weight: 0.4 oz.

A portion of all sales will be donated to the artists’ foundations, which are run by Maria Nevelson and John Wind respectively. ⁠
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